Speed Limit On Expressways Increased To 120 KMPH In India

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The national highways also see 20 kmph more speed as an allotted limit as it has been revised to 100 kmph from 80 kmph for four-wheelers

The Indian government has announced that the speed limits have been increased for personal four-wheelers on expressways. The drivers can speed up to 120 kmph from the earlier norm of 100 kmph under the new rule and for four-wheeled vehicles with cab permission can go as far as 100 kmph at an increase of 20 kmph from previous regulations.

Moreover, the national highways see 20 kmph more speed as an allotted limit as it has been revised to 100 kmph from 80 kmph for four-wheelers. Up by 10 kmph, the taxis can increase the maximum speed by 10 kmph and travel along in 90 kmph. No revisions are made elsewhere though as personally-owned vehicles and cabs have to stick by the speed limit of 70 kmph.

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highway expresswayIt is a different story for two-wheelers as the speed bumps up by 20 kmph and stands at 60 kmph. People have to bear in mind that the speed limits apply only to a number of national highways and expressways. Additionally, certain speed regulations have to be maintained for corners and low-speed zones as well. The revised speed limits are not applicable for villages or townships where roads pass through.

What do you think of the increase in speed limits? Is it a right move by the Ministry Of Road, Transport and Highways? Regardless of the divided opinions, it is important to feel planted on the highways and under control because one hesitant move could put your life in danger. Wary of the bumpy sections and be prudent on the throttle without exceeding stipulated speed limits.

It is easy to get carried away by people or animals crossing by and having a relaxed mindset is another key asset for taming the highways or expressways. Switching lanes abruptly can cause disturbances and during close traffic situations, it might trigger domino effect. Putting a foot wrong can prove to be fatal within a blink of an eye and thus always avoid being drowsy.