This Special Armoured Skoda Superb Cost More Than Panamera Turbo


Skoda hasn’t made any design change for the Armoured Superb as the company don’t want it to be indistinguishable from the regular model

When you read the title, you might be wondering how can a Skoda Superb cost as much as Porsche Panamera Turbo. This Superb is not just any ordinary one as it is a fully armoured Superb. It is developed by Skoda UK over a time period of more than three years. The company has put on lots of time to make this one as perfect as possible.

Skoda hasn’t made any design change for the Armoured Superb as the company don’t want it to be undistinguishable from the regular model. This will make it hard for enemies to know whether this one is armoured or not. The armoured version of Superb comes with bullet and blast protection for the passengers.

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skoda-superb-armored-3The Armoured cars get bullet-resistant glass along with high strength steel and composite materials which doesn’t eat in to the practically area of the Superb. Skoda claims that the armoured version of Estate model is as specious as the regular one as the boot space is similar along with the built quality which hasn’t stepped back for the protection.

Skoda Superb Estate armoured version got PAS 300 certification. In orderd to get this the car has to undergone independent tests that involve different types of ammunition and various blast and fragmentation threats. The bullet resistant glass comes with 360 degree protection for the passengers which is very important for the armoured car.

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skoda-superb-armored-2Skoda has also made some changes for the suspension system as the weight has gone up considerably. The Superb armoured version is powered by same 2.0 L diesel engine which debuted earlier this year with mild hybrid system in which it has 12 V belt started generator and a lithium-ion battery which can be used for onboard electronics system.

This engine produces 190 PS of power and it is tuned for this car. Skoda upgraded the braking system to work with the extra weight of armoured version.  The car can drive even with deflated tyres and comes with emergency lighting and siren systems. Skoda Superb armoured version is priced at Rs. 1.06 Crore.