South Korea Complains Nissan Over Emission Manipulation

South Korea files complaint against Nissan over emission manipulation after testing 20 different models; $280,000 fined for breaching regulations

South Korea Complains Nissan Over Emission Manipulation

It was announced on Monday that a criminal complaint will be filed by South Korean environmental ministry against Nissan Motor Corp’s Korean subsidiary for alleged emission data manipulation and a fine of $280,000 will be charged. The administration took 20 different diesel models of Nissan existing in its market and put them under emission tests.

Many manufacturers have come under increased scrutiny from the government authoritative bodies around the world following the outbreak of Volkswagen emission cheating scandal. In a latest chapter, one of the largest Japanese manufacturers, Nissan were found to be guilty of fudging emission regulations.

The probe conducted by South Korean environmental authorities have discovered defeat device in its highly popular global model, the Qashqai. The Sport Utility Vehicle automatically turned off the emission management system during normal running but regulates the exhaust output when tested for emission.

The Korean ministry has ruled that the sales of the Qashqai will be suspended due to the alleged scandal and ordered a recall of 814 units produced and sold in the country since November 2015. Nissan seems to be not getting away with it lightly as a criminal case has been filed against Nissan South Korea’s head of operations, Takehiko Kikuchi as well.

South Korea Complains Nissan Over Emission Manipulation 1

Nissan downplayed the claims and said it would work with Korean government to fully understand the issue. The company explained in a statement that it would never manipulate emission data in the vehicles and neither would an illegal software be employed in any of its models.

Nissan pointed at the earlier EU examinations that cleared it of any blunders in terms of emissions. It is important to note the South Korean government has already made complaint against Volkswagen and Audi regarding inability to meet emission standards in their diesel vehicles.

The country fined Volkswagen a mammoth Won14.1bn in November and ordered a recall of more than 125,000 diesel cars incorporated with emission cheating software. Nissan heralded a few weeks ago that it’s buying a major controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors for a deal worth $2.2 billion.

The company’s shares have risen since that announcement but Mitsubishi as well is entangled after confessing last month to have overstated fuel economy of at least four of its existing models.

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