Venomous Snake Found In Honda City, Rescued Safely [Video]

Snake Finds Its Way Into a Honda City, Rescued Safely [Video]

A video from Haryana shows how a snake that made its way to a Honda City was found after many attempts and was finally separated from the suspension system of the sedan

With the ongoing situation leading to the cars and motorcycles left unattended for long period of time, there are good chances of some unwanted guests making their way to the vehicles. Earlier, we reported how a snake had made its way to the handlebar of a Honda Activa that was parked for a prolonged period in Delhi. Today, we have a similar incident, wherein a white Honda City from Karnal, Haryana,

It may be mentioned here that the ban on the usage of vehicles until 4 May left to many vehicles being left parked for several days. Hence, as the vehicle owners are preparing to start reusing the vehicles, they are requested to check their rides thoroughly. This precautionary measure is required to ensure that the driver can safely resume driving.

As can be seen in the video here, the owner of the Honda City, seen parked under a shed, starts with telling us that there’s a snake that has sneaked into his car. Next, an expert snake handler, who’s had previous experience with getting rid of snakes from the abode they’ve found in vehicles.

As shown, the guy tells there are slim chances of the reptile having found his way inside the cabin as there are almost not routes for a snake to make it to the interior of the car. As the reptile wasn’t found in the engine bay of the vehicle. So, next, the interior of the vehicle was inspected carefully, before the vehicle was driven to a washing bay, where the underbody of the Honda City was inspected.

Finally, after close inspection of the shock absorbers, the snake was found hidden in it. The reptile was then carefully extracted from the car and released. Thankfully, the snake was found well in time as things could have got really horrifying had the snake made it to the cabin.

The above incident is a clear indicator of the fact that one needs to inspect his vehicle closely before resuming driving after a prolonged period of non-usage. It’s not uncommon for reptiles to find their way into vehicles as the soy-based wire coating along with warm and closed confines. We are glad that the snake was found well in time, before anyone was harmed by it.