Skoda’s Yeti Elegance Becomes Yeti Style, Now Available in Only One Variant

Skoda Yeti India

Skoda Yeti Elegance variant has been replaced by Yeti Style in India; now Yeti Style 4×2 and Yeti Style 4×4 are the only available variants

Skoda has been doing number of changes recently to its Indian product line-up. There has nothing been related to introducing a new product, however, as the Czech Republican car maker looks to capitalise on exploring variants from its existing group of models available in the domestic market.

The movement in Skoda India’s variant line-up led the VW-owned company earlier in the year to change nomenclature for its Octavia and Rapid sedans. Just as Skoda decided to opt for “Style” moniker in place of the Elegance variants for the Octavia and the Rapid sedans, it’s going to do the same for its premium crossover, the Yeti.

The tall-riding family run around is currently offered in two trim levels namely Style 4×2(two wheel drive model) and Style 4×4(all wheel drive model). The front wheel drive variant of the premium crossover is priced at Rs. 20.27 lakh(ex-showroom). skoda yeti style

The customers preferring to go with the more powerful Style 4×4 that comes equipped with a four wheel drive system to tackle any surface conditions and hilly drives is priced at Rs 21.97 lakh(ex-showroom).

This has been due to the switch of nomenclature for Yeti from Elegance 4×2 and Elegance 4×4 variants as the company now adheres to its latest variant changes with Octavia and Rapid.The revisions stay with just the terminology as the new Style variants won’t be accompanied by any mechanical modifications under the hood.

The Skoda Yeti will continue to be powered by the 2-litre TDI diesel engine in two states of tune: one producing 108bhp and the other with more powerful 138bhp. With the Yeti’s variant terminology also changed,

Skoda India now has Style and Style Plus variants available across most of its model range. Currently, the only product Skoda sells in Elegance variants is Superb and it will be remain unchanged as the flagship sedan is going to be succeeded by an all-new model in 2016.

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