Shocking Video: Tata Motors Showroom Staff Beats Frustrated Customer On Youtube Live

tata motors staff beats customer

Tata Motors customer asks the showroom staff questions on live video, gets pushed away and beaten in Delhi at Malwa Motors Prashant Vihar

The major part of the success of car manufacturers depends on how they handle the customers. Many buyers remain loyal to a car brand just because they build a trust relationship with the brand over a long time. Well, even if a brand offers great vehicles but does not value the customers at all, the products and the brand are bound to fail. Here is a shocking video from Malwa Motors, Prashant Vihar, New Delhi that shows how exactly a dealership should not treat their customers ever.

The video has been put up by a Tata Motors customer who shared the video of the incident on his own channel. At the starting of the video, the owner of the Tata Motors vehicle explained why he is making the video. The customer did not say the name of the car but revealed that he booked a Tata Motors car in orange colour with the payment of Rs. 11,000 to the same dealership.

However, after a long time, the customer was informed that Tata is not making the vehicle in orange colour anymore and he can choose a different colour. The customer had chosen the silver colour and got the delivery after some time. He had also booked specific accessories for the vehicle with an additional payment of Rs. 11,000 and he was promised that the accessories will be fitted to the car on the day of the delivery.

However, Malwa Motors said that the fittings will be installed the next day by a service person who will visit his house. But the person did not come for the next three days, and after repeated calls from the customer, Malwa motors sent a person with half the accessories he had bought. The customer reveals that only half of the accessories were sent to his home and essentials like seat covers were missing.

The frustrated customer decided to ask questions from Malwa Motors on the camera, and as he entered the showroom, the officials started screaming at him and started pushing him around. One particular person said, “I will break your phone”. Even though the customer was acting very calm and was only asking questions, the Tata Motors officials lost temper after they saw him making the video from the phone. The officials constantly urged him to keep down the phone which the customer did eventually, but all the pushing and screaming was not needed.

When a new car comes to the family, it is like welcoming a new member. Buying a car is not a small deal in India, people plan for months and even years before purchasing their vehicle and this kind of experience at any dealership can ruin the whole excitement.
We are not sure what exactly happened after the video stopped, but Tata Motors should take strict action against the dealership and issue an apology to the customer and we are expecting an official statement from Tata Motors on this incident soon.

Tata Motors dealerships have been accused of various things in the past too, but this video shows proof of how things can go out of control. It is time to take strict actions against the dealership and do anything that would make the customer happy.