Scoop – Hero Karizma R and ZMR Discontinued in India

Hero karizma r discontinued

Hero Karizma R and ZMR Discontinued in India; Rs.14,000 Discount on Current Stock, discounted Ex-showroom price is now Rs.68,000 & Rs.89000

Hero Karizma was and still remains as an icon in the Indian motorcycling industry for what it offered in 2003. Affordable and performance oriented, it was meant for long distance touring and offering typical Honda traits such as easy to ride and live with motorcycle. 2014 saw new Karizmas come in which were designed by Eric Buell.

Those bikes did not turn out well with the modern market as the design lacked flair and performance wasn’t upto the mark. KTM, Honda and Bajaj gained so much momentum in that category with high performance and better looking bikes that in the last 6 months there have been rumors saying that the production has ended for these bikes and they will no longer be available.

Hero karizma zmr discontinued

That rumor was denied, but now, as always, our credible source confirms that Karizma R and ZMR bikes are out of production and for the first time a motorcycle stock is being cleared off with a huge discount of Rs 14,000 and more. Clearly the motorcycle hasn’t been received well by the market due to the way it looks and lack luster performance with outdated hardware. Vibrations were a key problem with the Karizma and the power output wasn’t felt due to rise in compression ratio, which meant only a higher octane fuel could get the real performance figures.

Karizma variants such as R and ZMR were basically the same in terms of chassis and suspension except for wider tyres, more power and revamped styling, which are clearly outdated thanks to competition who offer so much more for even lesser prices. Karizma did maintain its value for money quotient like before but it isn’t a match for the competition anymore.

We think Hero has big plans in mind and it could start by revamping all its sporty motorcycles, creating possibly one entire new platform from 150/160cc bikes up till 250cc bikes. We could as well see the HX250R even sooner than expected.

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