Sandhar Mexico to Supply Tesla Model 3 Components


Sandhar Technologies’ Mexican plant has been selected to supply two wiper system components for the Tesla Model 3

As American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is gearing up to launch its Model 3 electric compact sedan in India, the company has selected automotive component supplier Sandhar Technologies to supply two wiper components for the car. The India-based brand’s Mexico plant with aluminum pressure die casting operations has been given the green signal.

The Indian automotive parts supplier has been manufacturing aluminum die-casting parts for quite long time. Specialised in latches and lock systems, recently it has signed a partnership deal with South Korean company Daewha Fuel Pump Ind to produce components like wiper blades, filters and fuel pumps.

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In the meantime, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on 8th July that the production unit one of the Model 3 is built now and going through final checkout. This means the company could bring the car to Indian market soon. The American EV maker has appealed to the Indian government for temporary import duty exemption until the brand sets up local manufacturing plant.

At later stage, when Tesla sets up the production plant in India, the Sandhar Technologies is expected to supply the parts for the Model 3. Several other Indian companies are also likely to join the bandwagon as Tesla needs to localise a part of the production in order to avail the tax benefit in the country.

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Also, the localised production with components supplied by Indian suppliers will give Tesla a chance to price the car competitively here, which will help it to grab a good share in the market. Interestingly, Tesla’s entry in Indian market is going to play a major role for the Indian government’s ambitious plan to introduce the all-electric mobility across the country by the end of next decade.

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Source: ET Auto