Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike Mode Launched

Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike Mode Launched-2

Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike Mode launched in India; aims at delivering unhindered riding experience for bikers

The mystery handset Samsung was teasing has finally been unveiled for under Rs. 9,000 today in India with Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor announced as the brand ambassador. Specifically built for motorcycle riders, the new Galaxy J3 is the #TapKickVroom smart phone that will have five-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen with HD resolution and most importantly, a “S bike mode” for undisturbed riding experience.

The feature works in a way that you will be provided with a tag called Samsung S bike^TM upon buying. The smart phone has built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) and the tag can be attached wherever you want, like on the bike you ride, helmet, bag or even slid into your pocket. With the help of the NFC, bringing the S bike tag near the phone will enable the handset to trigger the “S bike mode”.
Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike Mode Launched

Entering this mode will lead to disabling some of the important activities like making call and all other button functions will be crippled as well. To come out of the mode, you would have to long-press the round icon in the centre and come back to normal functionality. Whilst in the mode, it restricts the rider to answer calls and hence avoids any chance of potential distractions during the travel.

Your caller will be notified with a pre-recorded message that you’re commuting in a motorcycle so as to intimate them of your current situation. In case of an urgent scenario, they will be asked to press button 1. The rider will receive a notification that the call is emergency related but it’s motion locked. This means you can’t communicate with the caller on-the-go and in order to attend the call, you will have to pull over.

This will hinder the rider from attending calls on-the-move and ensure safety. There are other cool features like you can monitor the distance travelled using the S bike mode and earn badges as per the kilometres covered.

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