Samsung Enters Autonomous Tech Fray With Substantial Investment


Samsung to invest $300 million for the autonomous driving technology development; $90 million to be invested in Austria-based TTTech

Tech giant Samsung is preparing to develop autonomous driving technology and the South Korean company has announced a total investment of $300 million for the development of self-driving tech. The company will invest $90 million into an Austria based company TTTech that develops platforms and safety software for connected vehicles.

As the Korean company says, it will set up a new business wing within the Harman audio brand and it will work to create platform that the automakers will be able to use for both the infotainment system and self-driving technology as well. Autonomous driving technology is something on which several automakers around the world are working for quite some time.

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The future mobility is expected to depend heavily on self-driving technology. Samsung aims to take a major role in developing the technology for the auto manufacturers across the world. Samsung says that it not only wants to build futuristic self-driving technology for vehicles, helping the automakers in making safer, more convenient vehicles is also a part of its strategy. Apart working on its own, it could also tie up with some startups working with the similar tech.

Interestingly, Apple and Google too showed interest in making self-driving cars. As we reported few weeks ago, Apple is currently developing an autonomous shuttle service for its staffs in USA. Christened as PAIL, this self-driving shuttle service uses autonomous driving technology developed by the US-based tech major. Initially, Apple wanted to build its own self-driving car called Titan. However, the project was scrapped later.

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Google too grabbed everyone’s attention in the automotive and tech world with Waymo. After testing for quite some time, the car used for Waymo project called Firefly retired as the company decided to develop autonomous driving technology instead of making self-driving cars. As it appears, Samsung is the latest addition in the list of global tech giants working to develop futuristic driverless driving technology.