Rs. 2.5 Lakh Cash Discount On New Honda Civic, Officially Announced

honda civic discount september 19

The new-generation Honda Civic is not only huge improvements over its predecessors but even much costlier than its rivals

It is a much known fact that the Indian auto sector is reeling under the effects of a slowdown. While almost every car on sale in the country has been affected by the sales slump, premium models, such as the Honda Civic and CR-V, which never sold in huge numbers, are now witnessing almost a negligible demand.

No wonder, then, that both these models are available with some lucrative offers. The Honda Civic, for example, is currently on sale with discounts worth Rs 2.5 lakh. It may be noted that the latest-gen Civic was launched only in March this year and was even quick to reach the top spot on the sales charts of its segment. However, of late, it has been losing out the Skoda Octavia. To make matters worse, the updated version of the Hyundai Elantra is only weeks away from its launch.

All of this has pushed the carmaker to start offering some great discounts on its D1-segment sedan. These discounts are being offered through various benefits, such as direct cash discounts, corporate discounts, exchange bonuses and more. The Civic is currently on sale in a price range of Rs 17.94-22.35 lakh.

honda cr-v civic

The base petrol variant is available with a discount of Rs 2 lakh, while the top-spec petrol variant also gets an additional discount of Rs 25,000 through exchange bonus. The fully-loaded diesel variant, on the other hand, is available with a discount of Rs 2.5 lakh as officially announced by Honda Cars India.

Even the Honda CR-V is available with a hefty discount. Basically, the company’s most premium SUV in the market is on sale with a direct cash discount of a whopping Rs 4 lakh. Officially, the CR-V is available at an ex-showroom price range of Rs 28.27- Rs 38.77 lakh.

Honda Civic CR-V discount

However, with Rs 4 lakh shelved off its price, the premium SUV comes across as a good option for all those looking for a premium SUV but don’t want to go for entry-level models from the German luxury car marques.