Rs. 1 lakh Train Horn On Mahindra Thar, India’s Loudest Horn – Video

Rs. 1 lakh Train Horn On Mahindra Thar, India’s Loudest Horn

Mahindra Thar gets the loudest and the most expensive horn in India, it has been imported from Canada and uses a compressor to operate

Car horns are a major nuisance in India. Seldom people follow silent zones on the roads and the Indians are known for being over friendly with the horn. In these situations, how would you reach to a train horn on the road? Well, here is something that will blow your ears out.

Here is a heavily modified Mahindra Thar that gets an imported set-up for the horn. It is a train horn that has been imported from Canada. There are three shiny chimes installed in the front of the Thar that look just like the horns mounted in front of the train locomotives. The horn uses a complex set-up which is shown in the video.

It is pressure horn, which is banned for sale and usage in India. Hence, the owner imported it from Canada. It cannot be used directly like the regular car horns. As it is a pressure horn, it needs a compressor that can fill an air tank and blow out the horn at the loudest. The owner of the Mahindra Thar shows that the compressor has been installed on the rear space of the vehicle. It also doubles up a tyre inflator and can be used to fill in the tyres in an emergency.

Blowing the horn is also not a straightforward process. To use the horn, the compressor needs to be activated through a button mounted on the right-hand side of the steering. Once the compressor is activated, the horn can be blown using the regular switch on the steering wheel.

The video shows how loud the horn is and it can scare anyone on the road. However, the owner says that he has installed the horn only for off-roading use in secluded places like jungles. The loud horn helps to locate the vehicle easily.

The horn itself costs Rs. 25,000 while the compressor costs Rs. 50,000. Rest of the money is used for the transportation and installation of the horn. It sure is the loudest horn on any private car in India and the most expensive one too.