Upcoming Royal Enfield 650 Twins Based Custom Bikes Unveiled


Young Guns Speed Shop took inspiration from Rohini satellite and India Space programme to give “Rohini” name for the custom bike

Royal Enfield officially unveiled 650 Twins based three custom bikes at Wheels and Waves 2018 in France. This is the fourth time Royal Enfield is participating in this event. The three custom bikes are Lock Stock, Rohini and Interceptor. The Lock Stock was already revealed at Bike Shed Motorcycle Club event in London earlier this month.

Royal Enfield is yet to launch Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650 in global markets. But these custom bikes help the company to showcase what can be achieved with these bikes. The Lock Stock is built by the company itself but Rohini is built by Young Guns Speed Shop and Interceptor by Old Empire Motorcycles. We can expect RE to showcase these custom bikes in India during annual customer event in Goa.

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Royal-Enfield-LockStock-revealed-3Young Guns Speed Shop took inspiration from Rohini satellite and India Space programme to give “Rohini” name for the custom bike. The custom bike is based on Continental GT 650 and it has lots of parts shared from stock bike which include seat and body panels but the fairing is completely new as they took inspirations from Rickman fairing of Yore.

The custom shop has given a reflective layer of paint, which can change the lines on tank and rear into a riot of Razzle Dazzle Light. The engine and other mechanical parts remain to be same but the wheels and handle bar are different. The retro theme goes well with the bike and we hope that in future RE might introduce a production version based on this.

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The Interceptor is based on Interceptor 650 and the custom shop took a completely different approach for this bike as all the wires are hidden to create a minimalistic look. The rider has to wear special gloves to activate the ignition and all the mechanical parts are finished in black finish which does make the bike look sporty.

The custom bike is finished in deep metallic red paint colour and the single seat is finished in oxblood leather and Alcantara. The Lock Stock is based on Continental GT and it is powered by 865 cc which is based on 650 cc engine of regular bike but is tuned for outright acceleration as it will be a drag monster. We could see it in action on a drag strip soon.