Royal Enfield Plans To Offer Mass Customisation Of Its Motorcycles

Royal Enfield Interceptor MCH Scrambler-1-2

Royal Enfield will go on to become the first mass-market two-wheeler manufacturer to offer such high level of customisation with its motorcycles

As of now, the level of customisation you can avail on a mass-market motorcycle is the basic accessories, that can also be easily be replicated by aftermarket products. However, Royal Enfield has some different future plans, with the motorcycle manufacturer planning to offer mass customisation to all its customers.

What Royal Enfield aims with this is to make the buyer more involved in the motorcycle buying process, and offer a high level of customisation so that each vehicle created becomes a unique piece of machinery for the buyer. It should be noted that the manufacturer plans to do all of this at the factory itself.

Vinod Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield while talking to another publication about the ‘Royal Enfield 2.0’ strategy said that one of the key focus areas right now is offering mass customisation of its motorcycles. He also claimed that as things start coming back on track, we will have to live with a few permanent changes.

Royal Enfield Interceptor MCH Scrambler-2

The changes include a huge amount of digitisation in the buying process. Another change is people not wanting to share rides and avoid shared mobility at all. Hence, Royal Enfield believes that people will want to buy their own bike. Dasari said, “When I go on to a traffic light, I want to have something different. A motorcycle is a display of a person’s personality, so it has to have uniqueness and differentiation.

Royal Enfield has revamped its entire business process from made to stock to made to order, and wants to take it further to 100 per cent of mass customisation of its bikes. Hence, one can choose the bike they want, the labels that the bike will sport, the colour of the bike, the accessories they want, the apparel; all of this will be decided in advance. Hence, it will change the buying process significantly.