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Royal Enfield Photon Is An Electric Bike With A Top Speed Of 112 KMPH

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While Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles are (in)famous for low reliability, high fuel consumption and vibrations, this EV has no such issues

With an increased focus on cutting down of vehicular emissions, electric vehicles are fast gaining popularity. With this, today, there is an increased variety of electric-powered two-wheelers on offer. Sadly, however, India still lags in this race to electrification and even today, there are not enough EV options, especially in the two-wheeler market of the country.

Well, it’s definitely true that some electric bike manufacturers have entered the Indian two-wheeler market, but, frankly, none of them are lucrative enough for most of the biking aficionados to look away from petrol-powered motorcycles. That said, the electric motorcycle we have here is something that has definitely managed to draw our attention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, seen here’s the Royal Enfield Bullet ‘Photon’, which, at least to an untrained eye, looks much like your regular Bullet with the same classic styling and tonnes of retro appeal. However, this motorcycle is an all-electric model that is powered by a
Newtown-based Electric Classic Cars battery.

Electric Classic Cars is known for electrifying high-end cars, like those from Porsche and Maserati. This time, however, they’ve picked up a Royal Enfield Bullet and replaced its gasoline-powered engine with an electric motor. The EV powertrain is known to churn out a maximum power of about 15.6 bhp. While the torque figure is yet to be disclosed, it’s guessed to be in the range of 300 Nm!

Dubbed Photon, this Royal Enfield Bullet EV has a range of 128 km and a top speed of 112 km/h. The chassis and suspension components have been carried over from the petrol version, which means the motorcycle will pretty much handle in a similar fashion, especially, since the weight is also more or less the same.

However, unlike in the regular model, there won’t be any vibrations or oil leaks or high gas bills. The Royal Enfield Photon costs £20,000 (approximately Rs 18.9 lakh). That’s many times more than what the regular model costs but it’s still cheaper than the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, which costs almost £30,000 (approximately Rs 28.4 lakh).

Royal Enfield Photon Electric
Published by
Team GaadiWaadi