Royal Enfield Offers Customised Helmets In India

re customised helmet

Royal Enfield becomes the first manufacturer in India to offer customised helmets in the Indian market

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modified motorcycles in the Indian market. With the rising number of Royal Enfield owners who are opting for customised motorcycles are also going for customised helmets. Looking at the new trend, Royal Enfield has become the first manufacturer in the Indian market to offer customised helmets in the market.

Royal Enfield allows customisation of the helmets online and there are numerous designs that can match a wide range of customer choices. Royal Enfield is currently offering the customisation only for the half-face helmets and is charging Rs. 3,200 for a single unit. Royal Enfield would deliver the helmet within 30 days from the date of order.

Royal Enfield is offering various customisation options for the helmet. Customers can choose the type of helmet, decal type, base colour, finish, visor-type, peak colour, internal fabric colour and size. One can even enter their own text and it can get printed on the helmet. The text can only be written in black or white colour.

Royal Enfield is not offering any logo printing option on the helmet as of now or it could have become a popular choice among the biking groups in India. The stickers pasted on the helmets would remain protected by a clear coat, which will ensure the longevity of the stickers. Royal Enfield would offer ISI and DOT certified helmets made up of fibreglass. This ensures that the helmets are of high quality and low weight.

It should be noted that Royal Enfield promotes a range of customisations in India. It recently tied-up with several customising garages from the country to offer a range of customisation on any Royal Enfield motorcycle in India. Royal Enfield also offers a range of other products in their stores including merchandise and riding kits.

The manufacturer rules the above 250cc segment in the Indian market. It recently launched the much-awaited Interceptor and Continental GT 650 at a surprisingly low price. The sales of the Royal Enfield is expected to grow in the future and such customisation options would only make it a stronger cult brand in India and many other foerign markets.