Royal Enfield New Colours Palette For all Motorcycles Witnesses A Lot More Options

RE Classic 500 Silver

Royal Enfield New Colours options for Electra, Bullet, Thunderbird and Continental GT has been revised to keep things fresh a new for the year 2016

Royal Enfield just won the award of the best emerging companies of all time. Royal Enfield has so many plans up its sleeve and hence it deserves this award too. It has changed the way people are looking at the brand and while keeping critical enthusiast, enthusiast and critics happy as well. Sure there are some bold steps coming, which started with the Continental GT, but then the masses is accepting it really well and hence the numbers are getting stronger day by day.

RE Classic Blue Color

The brand is expanding everywhere around the world right from Spain to Thailand. Today, we are witnessing the entire range of motorcycles from Royal Enfield getting a lot more color options to choose from as we think Royal Enfield factory will run almost full steam to provide to do so. Almost every motorcycle atleast one or two or more colors to choose from. We have entire gallery before your viewing pleasure too.

continental gt green

Let’s start with the latest motorcycle from the brand, the Continental GT gets a new green color and the yellow color is no more with us. The seat is now beige color on the green CGT too. The Thunderbird 500 gets a new metallic green color along with the very recent navy blue color to choose from. The Electra gets a maroon and blue color option to choose from. The Classic 500 gets a Tan color to choose from and the 350 gets a white, mint, chestnut and lagoon blue color option.

classic 350 mint

Bullet 350 gets a copper strip black, Bullet 500 gets Marsh grey. Bullet Electra gets Maroon and Blue along with existing black and silver. Classic Desert Storm, Classic Battle Green and Classic Chrome continue to be on offer. Check the gallery below just in case we missed something and stay tuned as we will bring you more updates and pictures on the Royal Enfield color palette changes.

Royal Enfield New Colours:

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