Royal Enfield March 2020 Sales Analysis – Classic 350, Bullet, Thunderbird

BSVI Royal Enfield Classic 350 Stealth Black Chrome Black-2

Royal Enfield posted 32,630 units in March 2020 as against 58,434 units with YoY volume decrease of 44.2 per cent as it ended up sixth overall

Royal Enfield finished in sixth position in the monthly sales charts for manufacturers as 32,630 units were sold in March 2020 against 58,434 units during the same period last year with year-on-year sales decline of 44.2 per cent. The company’s market share also reduced by 0.29 per cent comparatively.

The Classic 350 continued to be the most sold motorcycle from the brand but its sales numbers did face a big decline. A total of 24,253 units were sold meant that Royal Enfield posted 33 per cent negative sales growth as about 36,428 units of the Classic 350 were sold during the same period last year.

Unlike the Classic 350, the Bullet Electra Twinspark’s sales tally improved in March 2020. The homegrown manufacturer registered a total of 3,143 units of the motorcycle as against 1,241 units during the corresponding period twelve months ago with a massive 153 per cent volume increase, and it was the highest gainer within the brand’s range last month.

Royal Enfield Model (+/-%) March 2020 March 2019
Classic 350 (-33%) 24,253 36,428
Bullet Electra Twinspark (153%) 3,143 1,241
Bullet 350 Twinspark (-79%) 2,575 12,101
Himalayan (35%) 1,307 965
650 Twin (-40%) 1,012 1,700
Classic 500 (-58%) 319 755
Thunderbird 350 (-100%) 20 4,975
Bullet 500 (-99%) 1 153
Thunderbird 500 (-100%) 0 116

The Bullet 350 Twinspark garnered a total of 2,575 units as against 12,101 units during the same period last year with a massive 79 per cent volume decline. The Himalayan’s popularity has certainly been increasing in recent times despite the negative overall sales growth being posted by the brand and last month was no different.

The dual-purpose adventure tourer recorded a total of 1,307 units in March 2020 as against 965 units during the same period last year with 35 per cent volume jump. In the last financial year, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 flagship motorcycles recorded more than 20,000 unit sales as they have been well received among customers.

dual-tone RE Himalayan eicma-2

Last month, they posted a total of 1,012 units as against 1,700 units in March 2019 with 40 per cent sales decline. The Classic 500 endured 58 per cent volume drop last month as 319 units were sold against 755 units during the corresponding period in 2019. The Thunderbird 350 managed to garner only 20 units last month.

A single unit of the Bullet 500 was sold last month and it stood at zero for the Thunderbird 500 as the entire 500 cc series has been discontinued due to the advent of the BSVI emission standards from the beginning of this month.