Royal Enfield Launches Doorstep Maintenance Service Across India

Royal Enfield Service on Wheels

Royal Enfield’s latest ‘Service on Wheel’ initiative has currently employed 800 motorcycles across India as mobile service centres

With social distancing still a part of our lives, Royal Enfield has launched a new service, named ‘Service on Wheels’, wherein customers can avail motorcycle maintenance at home.  The ‘Service on Wheels’ executive will be capable of critical component testing, and all parts used by the service will come with a year-long warranty.

Currently, Royal Enfield has deployed 800 motorcycles to serve as mobile maintenance units throughout the country. The motorcycles have been customised to carry all the necessary equipment, along with spare parts. The mobile units are capable of performing 80 per cent of all the repairs, checks, etc., that a regular service centre offers.

Royal Enfield has also stated that it will ensure the quality of its services, and that all the mobile maintenance executives are trained technicians. The ‘Service on Wheels’ initiative seems like a brilliant step by the company towards improving the ownership experience of its motorcycles. To avail this service, customers have to book their appointments in advance, by contacting their nearest service centre.

Royal Enfield doorstep maintenance repairs and checkups

With this new initiative, Royal Enfield customers can enjoy hassle-free repairs and even scheduled maintenance, without the need to step out of their homes. Lalit Malik, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Royal Enfield, has said: “The launch of Service on Wheels today [sic] endeavours to enhance the service experience for the customer in a way that is hassle-free and convenient without compromising on service quality.”

The Indian automobile market is quickly evolving to work around the pandemic, starting with online vehicle purchasing and home delivery (after thorough disinfection). Many auto companies, especially carmakers, have already adopted the online buying and delivery model, which has helped keep the sales afloat in the past few months.

Royal Enfield mobile maintenance motorcycle unit

In other news, Royal Enfield is set to launch its next-generation motorcycles in India, including the new Bullet, the Meteor, and the Hunter. Out of these, the Meteor is expected to launch first, as a replacement for the RE Thunderbird. While the company hasn’t officially announced a launch date yet, reports claim that the bike will launch before the end of this year, probably around Diwali.