Royal Enfield Himalayan With A Side Car Showcased At PMS 2018, Looks Cool

Royal Enfield Himalayan With A Side Car

SW-Motech built a customized side car especially for the Royal Enfield Himalayan Adventure Tourer, looks awesome

SW-Motech is a German motorcycle accessory brand which was established in the year 1999. Their goal was to produce some of the most premium accessories for various purposes. They develop some of the most rugged, durable, and skillfully crafted pieces of gear on the planet.

SW-MOTECH began their journey by innovating and launching the removable quick-lock side case system in 2000 while their latest innovative system includes waterproof Quick-Lock EVO tank bag and Trax Adventure aluminium touring case. SW- Motech develops products for a number of premium motorcycle manufacturers including Ducati, Honda, BMW, and Harley Davidson.

Besides dealing with some premium two-wheeler manufacturers the accessory maker also develops accessories for the Indian two-wheeler maker Royal Enfield and mainly specializes on the Himalayan. They offer a number of accessories already for the adventure Tourer which includes Belt tank bag, four strap tank bag, side bag, race pack a rear bag, cargo bag rear bag etc.

The SW-Motech recently developed and designed a new sidecar for the Himalayan which was recently showcased at an event. The sidecar that you notice in this image has also been finished in Black colour matching the motorcycle. Besides matching colours the sidecar can be also be seen fitted with an additional fuel can holder which already holds the fuel can as you can see in the image.

Royal Enfield Himalayan With A Side Car

We all know the Himalayan has a good ground clearance and to match the height of the motorcycle the sidecar height too has been raised. Although we are not able to catch a glimpse of the seat which has been fitted in the sidecar because of all the accessories stored on it we are pretty sure that it will be comfortable enough to accommodate a single person.

To protect the person sitting in the sidecar from heavy wind blasts SW-Motech has also fitted it with a small windscreen. Lastly, we are also pretty sure that the sidecar gets its own set of taillamps and side indicators for the safety of the rider. Lastly to match with the overall off-road characteristics of the Himalayan the sidecar to has been fitted with spoke wheels and knob tires.

We still don’t have any official confirmation whether SW-Motech has any plans to introduce this customized sidecar into their additional accessory list for Himalayan or not at this moment. However, the customized side car definitely looks cool with the Himalayan that’s for sure.