Royal Enfield Developing New Fuel Efficient Engines

Royal Enfield Himalayan Recall

Royal Enfield developing new fuel efficient engines focussing on lower emission; will be spread across the portfolio in India as well as abroad

Royal Enfield has tasted rapid growth in recent times. And the company has started its expansion as well by launching its models in US market. Now the company is looking forward to make its products more appealing toward the customers, by introducing new fuel efficient engines, which will come with lowered emission as well. It is not sure, whether, these engines will power the India spec models, but the global markets will get these new engines.

The Chennai based two wheeler manufacturer has already started an engine development program, through which the company will develop engines for its future models. These engines will power the existing models as well. The company is now eyeing to capture the fair share in the global cruiser market, which is ruled by companies like Harley Davidson.

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By launching its models in US and European market, Royal Enfield is clearly hoping to take on the likes of Harley Davidson. Also the company is developing a 600cc – 650cc twin cylinder motorcycle, which will focus on the US and European markets specifically. Apart from that, Royal Enfield is also working on the development of its next generation model of the iconic Classic and Thunderbird as well. Expect all these models to come powered by new crop of fuel efficient engines.

In recent times, the company has seen a steady growth in the sales chart, which at times reached around 50% as well. In India, the company launched the Himalayan, which is the first purpose built motorcycle in the country from RE. The Royal Enfield Himalayan comes powered by an all new 411cc single cylinder air cooled engine. Reports suggest that, this 411cc engine might make its way into the next generation Classic and Thunderbird.

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In India too, the competition for the company has been rising rapidly. The companies like Bajaj, UM Motorcycles are aggressively posing threat for the Royal Enfield. In that scenario, the Chennai based two wheeler manufacturer’s strategy to develop new engines, which will save more fuel, and therefore the owner’s money in long run, might enhance the appeal of the RE models further.

Source: Moneycontrol