Royal Enfield Classic 500 Squadron Blue Unveiled; Priced at Rs. 1,86,688 (Ex-Delhi)

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Squadron Blue

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Squadron Blue colour unveiled across the range; it’s inspired by the Indian Air Force and emulates post war RE motorcycles’ design

Royal Enfield has revealed a new colour for its Classic 500 range of motorcycles, Squadron Blue. Inspired by the Indian Air Force, one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers on the globe said it’s a tribute to the soldiers of the skies whose steeped history is indomitable. The new Squadron Blue Classic 500 variant can be booked at the 17 Royal Enfield retailing stores and 496 dealerships spread across the country.

The Squadron Blue came about as the famed Indian motorcycle maker wants to offer its customers a genuine heritage of armed forces and let alone to commemorate the involvement of the brand’s bikes during the testing times of several wars. The Classic Squadron Blue applied across the Classic 500 range is a brainchild of the RE motorcycles’ post war appeal and legitimacy of the brand.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Squadron Blue

Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production since 1901, had the rendezvous with the armed forces of Britain began way back during the World War times and it took until five years after independence for Indian army to place order of 800 motorcycles built by Royal Enfield.

With the company’s Indian manufacturing facility set off in 1955, it’s been supplying motorcycles ever since and most notoriously used by Air Force Police in the ‘50s. Such is its momentous tradition, it’s most commonly been perceived by the Indian army and general public alike as the most durable and sturdy motorcycle manufacturer.

The Squadron Blue Classic 500 emulates the design of the post-war Royal Enfield machines amid blending the riding pleasure and performance of a neoteric motorcycle while retaining its signature ruggedness. It’s important to note that the Squadron Blue Colour is exclusive for the Classic 500 range.

The best-selling model in the company’s stable is the Classic range of motorcycles and the added Squadron Classic 500 variant will have the existing powertrain with a 500 cc engine producing 27.20 bhp of maximum power output at 5,250 rpm and 41.30 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm linked with a five speed manual gearbox.

It claims a fuel efficiency of 32 kmpl and sits on a single downtube chassis with engine as stressed member. The Squadron Classic 500 can top out 132 kmph as the stock model and weighs 190 kg. The motorcycle will be retailed at an on-road price of Rs 1,89,350 in Chennai, Rs 196,700 in Kolkata, Rs. 1,93,372 in Mumbai and Rs. 1,98,649 in Bengaluru.

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