Royal Enfield Classic 350 Transformed Into A Vintage-Style Bobber

Royal Enfield 350 bobber AD customs 1

Check out this custom-built Royal Enfield Classic 350, built by Gujarat-based AD customs, which sports a 1930s-inspired design

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world, with an extremely rich heritage. In India, the brand enjoys huge popularity among buyers, and a lot of owners love to customise their RE bikes to make them unique and personalised. We’ve plenty of pretty-looking custom examples over the years, and here, we bring you yet another.

This here is a modified Royal Enfield Classic 350, built by AD customs, a motorcycle workshop based in Rajkot, Gujarat. This motorcycle, affectionately called ‘Tribal 350’, has been turned into a beautiful bobber, which gets a 1930s-inspired look. At the front, we see girder forks with a custom-built cantilever suspension, which gives the bike a vintage look.

We also see a new headlamp, with a stylish custom mount. The motorcycle gets a single-piece handlebar, which has been set quite low with the help of shapely handlebar risers. The stock instrument cluster has been removed, and a speedometer has been installed at the right side of the fuel tank. The tank features a silver paint job, with ‘AD’ and ‘Royal Enfield’ 3D badges on it, and the fuel lid has been blacked out.

Royal Enfield 350 bobber AD customs 2

The rest of the motorcycle has been blacked out, including the frame, engine assembly, and wheels. The stock seat has been replaced by a new tan-leather, spring-loaded, single seat. The rear portion of the motorcycle’s frame has been completely altered. The bike gets a hardtail rear, featuring fixed swingarms without any rear suspension.

The taillight has been mounted near the rear axle, on the left side of the bike. Both the front and rear fenders are custom units, and new sides boxes have also been added here. The wire-spoke wheels are new as well, and the motorcycle also gets new tyres. We also see an aftermarket exhaust here, which features an insulated wrap.

Royal Enfield 350 bobber AD customs 3

The engine of this modified RE Classic 350 doesn’t feature any mods though. The overall design of this custom-built machine is extremely cool, and the craftsmanship is quite impressive. However, we’re not sure if there is any provision to mount numberplates here!