Royal Enfield Celebrates 120th Anniversary With Limited Edition Helmets

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To commemorate its 12-decade-old history, Royal Enfield has announced a range of limited edition helmets in India

Royal Enfield has launched a series of limited-edition helmets – 12 models limited to 120 units each – to commemorate its 120th anniversary. The 12 helmet models feature designs inspired by the manufacturer’s posters/adverts over 12 decades, encapsulating the brand’s legacy. RE is the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, founded back in 1901 in Redditch, England.

For the next six weeks since publishing this article, Royal Enfield will introduce two helmet designs every week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday, which will go on sale on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, starting at 12-noon on both days. To purchase these helmets, buyers can register on Royal Enfield’s official website.

Each helmet will feature a unique serial number, starting from 001/120 and ending at 120/120. The helmet is hand-painted, thus preserving the legacy of the original RE Bullet. Also, these are all triple-certified, by ISI, DOT, and ECE, which means that these helmets are just as safe as they are pretty. They offer premium internals, leather trims, and a sun visor for optimum comfort.

Mr. Puneet Sood, National Business Head – North and West India & Global Head, Apparel Business – Royal Enfield, had this to say: “We understand that a helmet is the first and truly most important riding accessory that a rider buys, is very personal and is worn proudly. There could not have been a better canvas than a helmet for us to share stories from the last 120 years.

These limited edition helmets not only cater to the safety, protection, comfort and style needs of riders but should also inspire the younger generation riders and non-riders to continue creating stories on their Royal Enfield motorcycles for many more years to come,” he continued. The open-faced helmets will be priced at Rs. 6,950, while the full-face helmets will be priced at Rs. 8,450.

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Royal Enfield has plenty of apparel on offer in India, including protective gear, urban gear, and many other accessories. Thanks to this, Royal Enfield motorcycle owners and fans of the brand get the option of immersing themselves even deeper into the manufacturer’s legacy.