Royal Enfield Bullet Can Be Bought At Just Rs 15,000 Downpayment

Royal Enfield Bullet X (5)

Royal Enfield has eased the motorcycle-buying process with the reduction of the down payments on the Bullet 350 and Classic 350, as well as lowered EMIs

Given the ongoing economic slump across the entire globe, Royal Enfield had previously introduced a new offer to ease the process of buying a new motorcycle. Under this program, the company was offering a certain amount which could be redeemed to purchase genuine accessories, extended warranty and gear – valid across all its motorcycles, absolutely free of cost.

Now to further ease the motorcycle buying experience, the company has lowered the down payments of two of its highest-selling motorcycles. Royal Enfield is currently offering the Bullet 350 at a down payment of just Rs 15,000, while the Classic 350 can be yours with a down payment of Rs 20,000. Also, Royal Enfield says that the customer’s old two-wheelers can be included as a replacement, and the estimated value of the old two-wheeler can be used to pay the down payment for the new Royal Enfield motorcycle.

To further sweeten the deal, the Chennai-based two-wheeler manufacturer is also providing the option to finance up to 90 per cent of the price of the entire bike. Buyers can finance the motorcycle for a maximum period of five years. In addition, Royal Enfield has also reduced EMIs for the first three months.

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The minimum monthly instalment for a loan amount of Rs 10,000 for a minimum time period of 12 months is Rs 922. On the other hand, for 24 months it comes down to Rs 504, Rs 367 for 36 months, Rs 299 for 48 months, and if you plan on financing it for full five years, the amount will further come down to Rs 259.

The aforementioned scheme that entailed additional benefits of worth Rs 10,000 which could be redeemed to purchase the extended warranty, genuine accessories and gear, was valid if you paid the entire on-road price of the motorcycle before 31 May. However, the manufacturer has extended the scheme till June 15, but the amount offered with the scheme has now come down to Rs 6,000.

Apart from these schemes, Royal Enfield has also introduced a fleet of mobile service-ready motorcycles under the name of ‘Service on Wheels’. These purpose-built motorcycles will carry tools, equipment and genuine spare parts for performing 90 per cent of all typical service and repair requirements at your doorstep.