Royal Enfield Begins EV Prototype Testing, Launch Timeline Revealed

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle Rendering
Rendering Source: EVW

Royal Enfield is currently believed to be working on more than one prototype EV and is testing it in the world and in India

Demand for electric vehicles is constantly rising in the country and with emission norms all set to get even more strict, many auto brands are currently working on expanding their EV portfolios in the market. Following the trend, Royal Enfield is working on many new projects and is likely to launch its first electric motorcycle by 2025.

The brand has been swiftly making progress in the field and is accelerating its process over the past few months. In the due course, Royal Enfield recently announced fresh hiring for new talent to work for its technology centres in India and UK.

In addition to this, Royal Enfield is also testing some prototype EV products in different parts of the world. While the brand is not rushing with any of the R&D stages, it is expected to launch its first electric motorcycle by 2025.

Royal Enfield Bullet Photon Electric-1
Royal Enfield Bullet Photon Electric

If the brand’s claims are to be believed, the teams are not picking up generic electric kits available in the market and are developing a brand new product that falls in line with other RE vehicles and will not only boast impressive practicality and performance but will also have a similar character and reliability.

Furthermore, Royal Enfield is currently expecting India to be one of its major markets across the globe for electric products. Electric vehicles are currently being considered significantly cheaper to run when compared to ICE vehicles. The rising fuel prices and stringent emissions norms are soon expected to further take a toll on the sales of ICE vehicles in the country

Royal Enfield is also working on multiple 650cc bikes that will soon make their debut in the country. These include the upcoming Royal Enfield Shotgun 650, and the Super Meteor 650. In addition to this, the new Scrambler 650 was also spied testing in the country for the first time. If reports are to be believed, the Scrambler 650 will make its debut somewhere next year.