Royal Enfield Announces Extended Warranty From Rs. 1,599 Across Range

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Motorcycles eligible for the extended warranty include all BS6-compliant models, and BS4 models bought less than 22 months ago

Royal Enfield has silently introduced an extended warranty scheme, called ‘Royal Enfield Secure’, for its current BS6 motorcycle line-up and even a few BS4 models. Only those BS4 motorcycles which are less than 22 months year are eligible.

The standard warranty offered with Royal Enfield motorcycles is up to 2 years or 30,000 km, whichever comes first. It can be extended up to 4 years or 50,000 km for BS4 models, but there’s a catch. You can opt for the warranty extended package at least 60 days before the expiration of the ongoing warranty. For BS6 models, the warranty can be extended for up to 5 years.

For BS4 models, the additional cost of an extended warranty is simple to calculate. For motorcycles less than two months old, you’ll have to pay Rs. 2,150 for 350cc models, and Rs. 2,650 for 350-500cc models. For motorcycles between 3 and 12 months old, the cost increases to Rs. 2,299 and Rs. 2,799 for 350cc and 350-500cc models, respectively. If your motorcycle is 13 to 22 months old, the price rises to Rs. 2,549 for 350cc and Rs. 3,149 for 350-500cc motorcycles.

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Extended Warranty for BS-IV models (Up to 4 years and 50,000 km)
Model 0 to 2-month-old date of sale 3 to 12-month-old date of sale 13 to 22-month-old date of sale
Up to 350cc (3rd and 4th year) Rs. 2,150 Rs. 2,299 Rs. 2,549
350 – 500cc (3rd and 4th year) Rs. 2,650 Rs. 2,799 Rs. 3,149

As for the BS6-compliant motorcycles, the breakdown is a little different. For the 350cc models and Himalayan, you can get the 4th year warranty for Rs. 1,599 within six months of purchase, or for Rs. 1,899 after six months of purchase. If you’ve availed the 4th year warranty, you can upgrade it to 5th year warranty for Rs. 1,799 (after six months of purchase of motorcycle). You can also club 4th and 5th year extended warranty together, which will cost Rs. 2,999 and Rs. 3,549 for within and after six months of the date of sale, respectively.

For Royal Enfield 650 Twins, the extended warranty scheme is the same for the BS4 models as for BS6 models. You can buy 4th-year warranty for Rs. 2,499 within six months of purchasing the bike, post which it will cost Rs. 2,999 (and Rs. 2,699 for a separate 5th-year warranty). You can get up to 5 years warranty for Rs. 4,499 if your bike is six months old, and for Rs. 5,299 if more.

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Extended Warranty package 350cc models and Himalayan (BS-VI)
4th Year Rs. 1,599 Rs. 1,899
5th Year N/A Rs. 1,799
Up to 5 years Rs. 2,999 Rs. 3,549
Up to 5 years with Road Side Assistance Rs. 3,799 Rs. 4,599

You can also opt for roadside assistance with the extended warranty of up to 5 years. With the 350cc models and the Himalayan (BS6 models only), this entire package will cost Rs. 3,799 for a six-month-old bike and Rs. 4,599 for an older bike.

Extended Warranty package 650cc models (BS-IV and BS-VI)
4th Year Rs. 2,299 Rs. 2,999
5th Year N/A Rs. 2,699
Up to 5 years Rs. 4,499 Rs. 5,299
Up to 5 years with Road Side Assistance Rs. 5,699 Rs. 6,999

With the 650 twins (BS4 and BS6), it will cost Rs. 5,699 for a six-month-old motorcycle and Rs. 6,999 for an older model.