Rezvani Tank Is Ready To Get A V6 Engine Alongside V8


Rezvani Tank is a Jeep Wrangler based SUV with very aggressive design; gets thermal night vision and rear suicide doors

Rezvani Tank is a rugged looking SUV based on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This V8 engine powered sturdy SUV was launched at $178,000 and now it has received a less powerful V6 motor and the new variant is priced at $146,000. However, the design and features available in the V6 powered model is same as the V8 powered variant.

As the manufacturer claims, this vehicle is built as an extreme utility vehicle and it can perform tough tasks on any terrain, be it off the road or on road. Even with the less powered V6 engine, the SUV is an ultimate mean machine. Speaking about the V8 engine, the massive 6.4-litre unit churns out 500 hp of peak power and power is sent to all the four wheels using an on-demand torque delivery system.


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The newly introduced less powerful variant of Rezvani Tank gets a 3.6-litre V6 engine, which is probably from FCA’s Pentastar family. This engine is capable of kicking out 285 hp of peak power and 352 Nm of peak torque. This model too comes with the on-demand torque delivery AWD system.

The Rezvani Tank is not only powerful to run on any type of terrain. It comes equipped with several advanced technologies and features that make it a well capable off-roader for the adventure enthusiasts and for the military usage as well. The SUV gets FLIR thermal night vision, ballistic armour including Kevlar body elements, bulletproof glass and military grade run flat tyres.


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Inside the cabin, this SUV features leather package that include leather wrapped seats and upholstery. It also gets tow package including tow hitch, front mounted winch. The head up display inside the cabin, rear passenger suicide door are other features and design elements available in this model. Both the V6 and V8 engine powered Rezvani Tank models are available for booking online on the company’s website.

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