Renault Sherpa Armoured Vehicle Assigned To Guard Delhi Airport


CISF has stationed a Renault Sherpa armoured vehicle at Delhi airport to deal with possible terror attack; can withstand 10 kg RDX blast

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) that is responsible for maintaining security in airports across India has stationed a Renault Sherpa armoured vehicle at Delhi airport on trial basis to deal with possible terror attacks. The heavy armoured vehicle is usually used by National Security Guard (NSG) in India. It is not sure, if CISF has borrowed the vehicle from NSG to beef up the security of highly important India Gandhi International Airport or it has purchased the Sherpa.

The Renault Sherpa can accommodate four armed security personnel inside its cabin and they can fire at the terrorists from inside of the vehicle without exposing themselves. The armoured car also comes with three cameras installed over it that provide the security personnel inside a 360 degree view of the surrounding.

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What’s more interesting about this armoured vehicle is that the Renault Sherpa is not only bullet proof, but it protects the occupants from even 10 kg RDX explosion as well, thanks to its thick armoured underbody and doors. Security equipments for Delhi airport are usually bought by airport authority, but this vehicle has been employed by CISF itself.

The CISF also plans to employ the Renault Sherpa armoured vehicle in several other parts of the country, specially in Maoist infested areas. The Renault Sherpa is used by several police and security forces around the world. The countries that use this vehicle include Brazil, Chile, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Lebanon and Mexico.

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This four-door armoured vehicle gets dedicated gun hole on each door and bulletproof glass. Power source for the vehicle is a 4.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine coupled with an automatic gearbox. The engine is capable of churning out 215 hp of peak power and it can run at a top speed of 120 kmph. Not only in daylight, it is well capable of working in dark as well thanks to a range of lighting equipments installed up front.

Source: HT