Renault Sees India as One of Top Three Global Markets

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Renault sees India as one of top three global markets as Kwid helped it gain a fair share in the domestic market

Renault Kwid has played a very crucial role for the French automaker to grab a fare share in highly competitive Indian market. Presently, India is among top six global markets for the French automaker, and Renault sees the country to come up among top three global markets in short time. Speaking at a press conference in 2016 Paris Motor Show, Mr. Bernard Cambier, Renault’s chairman for Africa, the Middle East and India has said this.

Meanwhile Renault is planning to start locally producing Kwid in Brazil for the South American market, instead of exporting the car from India. The Brazilian spec Kwid is heavily inspired by India-spec model in terms of design and features. In Indian market, Kwid has garnered immense popularity since its launch, and it has already become one of the top 10 selling passenger cars in India.

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Initially, Renault launched Kwid with a 0.8-litre petrol engine, and later it has introduced a larger 1.0-litre engine to the car. In August, Kwid has sold 10,719 units, while till date it has sold more than 1 lakh units. Apart from selling the car in Indian domestic market, Renault India also exports the car to neighbor countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka.

Renault Kwid features an unique design, which is a blend between a hatchback and a SUV. So far, the car looks like a mini SUV in guise of a hatchback. It looks rugged in terms of design with its aggressive front grille, beefy bumpers, and muscular tones. Dimensionally, Renault Kwid measures 3,679mm in length, 1,471mm in width, 1,579mm in height and wheelbase of 2,422mm. It also has an impressive ground clearance of 180mm.

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In terms of interior features too, Renault Kwid is pretty impressive. It offers a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, AUX, and USB support. The instrument cluster is fully digital, which gives the car an upmarket feel. In terms of interior space as well, Kwid comes quite practical.