Renault to Reduce NOx Emissions from Diesel Engines

2016 Renault Talisman exterior

Renault to trim NOx emissions from diesel engines; steps will be taken from July 2016

Renault has officially announced that it will be implementing measures to reduce NOx emissions from its diesel engines. The emission regulating activities will be running fully fledged from July onwards as a recent probe led by French government indicated excessive emissions beyond the legal restriction had been found on the tested Renault models.

In the wake of complying with the stringent Euro 6 emission standards, the new vehicles manufactured from Renault’s facilities will produce less emission than they currently used to. For the current Renault owners, the French manufacturer will devise a campaign to mend the diesel engines cost-free from October which points at a major recall.


Back in January, Renault vehicles had come under scrutiny due to the Volkswagen diesel emission gate as 25 of its models were put under test before police raided the company’s French base as they alleged to have suspicious contact with defeat device scandal.

Following the raid, the company’s market shares were down by 10 percent as environmental officials revealed that its diesel engines produce more Cos and NOx emissions than the allowed limit, said French energy minister Segolene Royal. The conducted police raid were aimed at ECUs(Engine Control Unit) and material checks as some of the electronic equipment were seized from Renault’s technical centre and headquarters.


Some other auto makers put under investigation were found to exceed the stipulated limits as well as several environmental agencies conducted such tests in their home countries in the light of the VW emission cheating software last September. The French Homologation Authority examined 100 vehicles and regarding the outcome Renault said it is in support of the emission strategies taken by French Agency for Energy and Climate (DGEC) organisation.

As for now, uncertainties swirl around whether Volkswagen could meet the April 21 deadline for a resolution over the emission scandal in the US. The EPA and VW are in constant talks over the possible solutions to mend the 580,000 diesel-engine-equipped vehicles. The company already failed to meet the March 24 deadline set by US District Court in late February.

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