Renault Planning to Expand Its Network in India Aggressively

The French automaker plans to set up 32 new dealerships by the end of this year


Renault India is one of the fastest growing automotive companies in Indian market. In recent years the success of Renault Duster and Kwid has gave the French automaker immense hope, while the Indian market has come up among the first five largest markets for the automaker recently. Now the automaker is planning to expand its business across the country more aggressively, and for that the automaker is planning to set up at least 240 dealerships across the country by the end of 2016.

Presently, Renault has a total of 208 dealerships in India. Driven by the aggressive business plan, the brand targets to increase the number to 240 by the end of this year, which will surely help the company to sustain steady growth in the country. Although in its early days the French automaker couldn’t see much success in Indian market, but with the introduction of Duster the scenario changed drastically.

Renault Duster became one of the most popular and best selling compact SUV of the country in very short span after introduction, while the introduction of Renault Kwid last year gave the automaker immense success, as the small hatchback become very popular within months after the launch.

Renault is planning to set up a total of 240 dealerships by the end of 2016

As a part of the business expansion plan the automaker is setting up the new dealerships designed according to the RENAULTSTORE concept. The RENAULTSTORE is a new generation of dealerships, designed to address the ever changing needs of the customers highlighting the value of the brand, products, services and accessories in best possible modern manner. These modern dealerships offer the customers unique brand experience, which include test drive, delivery and after sales support.

The automaker has taken a plan to grab 5% market share of India’s steeply growing automotive market. With the increased number of dealerships the company plans to reach the remote areas of the country with its products.

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