Renault Overtakes Honda and Tata in April 2016 Car Sales; Climbs to Fourth

For Renault, 211 per cent growth encountered courtesy of the success of Kwid hatchback

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Renault India managed to retail a total of 12,426 units in April 2016 which is 211 per cent on the up against the same month the previous year with a mere 4,001 units. Revelling on the huge volume numbers for the Kwid, Renault is pushing to maintain the advantage in the Indian market against some big guns like Tata, Ford and Toyota by expanding the sales and service networks.

The French manufacturer’s overall domestic sales jumped to 151 per cent in January 2016 thanks to 5,985 sold units for the Kwid which helped the company to record 159.8 per cent growth in March by climbing up the ranks to fifth in the best-selling cars list for that month.

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The bookings of the small hatchback have been on the raise every month due to the increase in popularity in small cities and towns and it reported to have crossed 1.05 lakh mark already within just six months of its launch. The company has ramped up production to meet the demands as well.

Tata Motors, the home-grown manufacturer, kicked off the new fiscal year on an affirmative outlook as a surge of 7.9 per cent was recorded compared to the April 2015 sales with 11.161 units after many months of downtrodden performance. The newly arrived and highly promising Tiago hatchback is expected to drive the brand out of harm’s way in the coming months. The about-to-be-launched sub-compact Kite 5 sedan will also aid the cause.

Meanwhile, the monthly sales of Honda Cars India have consistently dropped on a year and year basis for the sixth straight month. At the end of April 2016, the Japanese company sold a total of 10,486 units which is at a whopping 17 per cent fall compared to the corresponding month the previous year.

If we track back the record of Honda, the car maker’s last YOY based growth month was in October 2015 when it retailed 20,166 units but since then the sales have slumped regularly. It can only be content with attaining a sparse 1.59 per cent growth in the 2015-16 Financial Year with 1,92,059 units. Can Honda BR-V steer the company forwards and most importantly be a consistent seller? Wait until the next couple of months to know the answer.

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