Renault-Nissan May Bring In Nexon Sized EV For India – Report

Renault Morphoz concept 1

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is currently in the process of identifying the right electric vehicle for launch in India in the future

According to a recent report that emerged on the internet, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is looking at ways to identify the right electric vehicle for the Indian market. It is having a close watch on the localisation of batteries and the developments in charging infrastructure amongst other movements said Ashwani Gupta, the global COO of Nissan Motor Corporation.

He noted that the Indian EV space has grown by three folds and moving forwards, it is going to have a big potential and the alliance will be there in the act as multiple things are being evaluated. The brand may launch the CMF-BEV platform designed for the European market and it could give rise to a compact SUV in a similar size as the Nexon in the future if the study ends up in its favour.

The global CMF-BEV platform is planned for 2024 and a huge investment of 23 billion Euros will be put in over the next half a decade to bring it into existence. Currently, three things are being studied such as the kind of product, competitiveness in the market and the entire ecosystem. It must be noted that the alliance was evaluating the possibility of setting up a Gigafactory for batteries in India too.

Renault Morphoz concept 2

Last week, it was revealed that five new modular battery electric vehicle architectures are being developed for the global markets and it will be shared between Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Alpine, Dacia and Infiniti. They are CMF-AEV, Kei-EV, CMF-BEV, CMF-EV and LCV-EV and will be collectively responsible for launching 35 new EVs by the end of this decade.

The Renault 5 and the upcoming Nissan Micra will sit on the CMF-BEV. The development of a common solid-state battery tech will also be the main focus and Nissan will lead the way in this area as it announced late last year that it would retail EVs with specially developed solid-state batteries in the second half of the decade and the learnings will be spread to other companies within the alliance.

With the latest investment, the total sum of money invested in electric mobility will increase to 33 billion Euros by 2027. The alliance has selected common battery suppliers in Japan, the United Kingdom and France to streamline the future offerings and 15 of its plants situated in Europe, the US, Japan and China are already manufacturing parts, batteries, electric motors and vehicles to move up the ladder.