Renault Mulls Over Captur Based Coupe SUV


The Captur based Coupe SUV is expected to be unveiled at 2016 Paris Motor Show

French automaker Renault is planning to introduce a coupe SUV to its lineup. The new model will be based on the Renault Captur. Expect the Renault coupe SUV to be unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show later this year in October. The coupe SUVs are certainly going to be a rising trend in the world automotive market. Renault is just planning to follow the trend and explore new segments.

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Mazda showcased its Koeru concept, which was vehemently appreciated by Renault designers. Unlike boxy and aggressive looking SUVs, the coupe SUVs are supposed to come lower and sleeker looking. Mazda implemented the Koeru’s designed language into the CX-4, which doesn’t look as suave as the concept version. The Renault might not go the same way, as it has appreciated the Koeru concept only. In that case, expect the Renault’s coupe SUV to come more appealing.

Renault Kaptur

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The Renault coupe SUV will be taking on the BMW X4. The design of the Renault model would be far more aesthetic than the BMW X4. Considering the success of the crossover SUV all around the globe the new coupe SUV would sport some crossover traits as well.

The new coupe SUV also has the chance to share the platform of Renault Kadjar. The Kadjar is much larger than the Captur. The new model will be tough looking, voicing the safety and rigidity of a SUV, while the suave design will also follow. On the power source front the car might come with a fully electric powertrain.


Renault Kaptur front look

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Renault has taken quite an aggressive strategy in recent times to expand its business. In India the French auto manufacturer is about to launch the Kaptur, which is based on Captur. The brand has already unveiled the India bound Kaptur in Russia, where it is being built.

Source: Autocar