First-Ever Renault Kwid Art Car Showcased in France

Renault Kwid Art Car 2

Renault Kwid Art Car reflecting bi-cultural painting will be on display in France and several international shows before entering the famous Heritage Museum

Renault India is on a roll of late with the humongous reception the Kwid small hatchback has received among domestic customers. The French automaker is finding ways to further promote the entry-level model and as part of it the first ever Kwid Art Car was displayed for public viewing in Southern Mumbai on November 9.

Painted by a French artist of Indian origin, Mr. Shombit Sengupta, the Renault Kwid Art Car was revealed by Mr. Yves Perrin, Consul General of France. The car was on display at the ICIA Gallery in Mumbai until 14th of November as part of Gesturism Art exhibition, established by him in 1994, called “Désordre”.

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Renault Kwid Art Car 3

The journey of the Renault Kwid Art Car does not end in Mumbai. Following its display there, it had been to Barbizon, 60 km south of France and showcased between December 10 and December 27. It will further be showed at the international motoring and art shows before entering the prestigious Renault Heritage Museum in France.

Mr. Sen painted the Art Car at the invitation of the brand said Renault’s Design Director Patrick Lecharpy. It was the first time an artist illustrated a story through car painting as opposed to usual art cars created by famous artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, Koons and Calder that proposed only the artist’s own style.

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Renault Kwid Art Car 5

The bi-cultural aspect in the Kwid Art Car was for everyone to see as he extended the theme of Indian colours through Ville Enigmatique with reflection of French artistic inspiration. Mr. Patrick Lecharpy recollected that “he (sen) he has juxtaposed historical French Bengal and Victorian Bengal with traditional Bengali life that continues till today.”

The artist, Mr. Shombit Sengupta, himself stated that he has always painted on flat canvas in his Gesturism Art style and that performing art on a three dimensional volume of Kwid was equally tough and exciting opportunity. He conceded that it required extreme self-discipline and recalled some of the areas he painted at Renault’s Design Workshop in Chennai that took him until 4 am in the morning.