Renault Introduces Vehicle Recognition Tech For Roadside Advertisements

Renault introduces vehicle recognition tech for roadside advertisements

Renault introduces vehicle recognition tech for roadside advertisements; hopes to effectively reach target audiences

Renault has been pushing hard to introduce new safety technologies for avoiding road accidents. One such innovative idea is the new vehicle recognition advertisement campaign. The new technology will display messages to the individual car drivers when stopped at the traffic lights. The idea has its origins in the car journey game I-Spy and it has been developed specially by Ocean, a Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) ad company. The technology will be used at Holland Park roundabout in West London with the new Renault Megane hatchback.

The system works in a way that the cameras placed at Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) locations will be monitoring the standing traffic. During that time, the car’s manufacturer, colour and model-wise information will be detected and identified using the number plates. While no personal data will be stored, the static vehicle in the traffic will be specifically notified through the real-time ad messages pointed at the driver. It will based on the precise audience demographics and information related to the particular vehicle.

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2016 Renault Mégane

Renault UK believes the technology will endorse the all-new Megane against the numerous outdoor campaigns. The French auto giant is looking to be interactive with the customers as witnessed on the car journey game I Spy. The vehicle recognition technology will enable them to speak directly to the drivers that have so far been not possible on home advertising.

The vehicle recognition technology has been integrated into digital out of home to optimise and progress the means of brands’ connection to the target group of audiences. It identifies and accesses valued audiences in real-time and there are plenty of ways it can be implemented according to the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) ad company, Ocean.

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The adverts are hoped to serve as endorsements for a new model of the same make or a new version of the same car. They target the audiences by understanding the particular demographics for launching a new product. This will ensure effective means of reaching customers with less time having to spend on outdoor ad campaigns. As long as the ads won’t distract drivers, will the customers welcome it?

Source: Oceanoutdoor