Renault India To Focus On Fewer Products To Improve Sales

renault captur launched in india-14

The new strategy of Renault India to improve sales will be focusing on fewer products rather than “firing in multiple products” to get more market share

Renault India is one of the companies which are struggling in India. The French manufacturer sales are going down and most of the models are not selling well in the market. For the last 13 months straight the company posted negative growth. The volume models for Renault is Kwid and Duster both of which are not selling well.

The problem for Duster is that the model is getting too old and competitors are introducing either new model or facelift which drives away customers from Duster. Globally, Renault has officially introduced the new generation of Duster last year but the company was too focused to introduce Captur to India and they were worried about Duster eating into sales of new model as it is an established product in the market.

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Renault launched Captur last year but the company didn’t start sales until this year and even before the launch they were worried about pricing also as they lack confidence in the product. The result is evident in sales number as the company has managed to sell just 2500 units of Captur in the last six months which is equal to a week of 10 days sales for the segment leader Hyundai Creta.

When the French manufactured introduced Kwid, the market response for the hatchback was excellent. Then they followed up with 1 litre and AMT variants also. But the initial momentum didn’t continue as the sales of Kwid have fallen to 5000 units from 10,000 units during the peak time. This is also not a good sign for the company.

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Renault Kwid Super Hero Edition Launched (Captain America)- Price, Engine, Specs, Pics, Interior, Features 4Fabric Cambolive, the chairman of Renault’s Africa-Middle-East-India region said that the new strategy of Renault for India to improve sales will be focusing of fewer products rather than “firing in multiple products” to get more market share. He admitted that India is a tough market and the company will have to build it presence step by step to make deeper inroads.

Cambolive said that Duster and Kwid were the segment breakers, which is why both these products were accepted by the market but they can’t always be the first in every segment. To improve sales for this FY, the company is banking on Kwid and petrol variants of Captur. We can also expect Renault to introduce new generation of Duster later this year in India.