Renault Aims To Focus On Competitive Markets Only

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China and Russia are on top of Renault’s focus market list; India too could play major role in the growth strategy

Renault is gearing up to launch a product offensive in the international markets and it wants to focus only on those countries, where it can be competitive. Considering that priority, Renault puts China and Russia on top of the list, but it doesn’t want to enter US market. Another major market in focus of the French auto major is Brazil, where the automaker expects to see significant growth.

In the global market, Renault-Nissan Alliance has managed to beat both Volkswagen and Toyota with its combined sales during January-June 2017 period, when the alliance sold more than 5.2 million vehicles. This marks 400,000 units more compared to Volkswagen, while 600,000 units more compared to Japanese auto major Toyota.

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As Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn has said, the brand wants to increase its market share in Russia, where it already enjoys 35% stake. The brand is looking to hike the sales volume in the country to at least 2.5 million units from present 1.4 million units. This could play a crucial role for the brand’s six year plan, under which it wants to sell 14 million units by 2022. Not only Renault and Nissan, the alliance’s youngest member Mitsubishi too is part of this strategy.

Interestingly, India could play a major role in the six year strategy. All the three auto majors are attempting to unleash a product offensive in the domestic market in coming years. While Renault aims to launch several new models in the UV segment, Nissan too is preparing to boost its lackluster sales in the country with new models and introduction of new technologies. Mitsubishi too doesn’t want to stay behind and preparing to launch some exciting new cars here.

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Considering India’s driver towards, zero emission all-electric mobility, the Alliance is expected to bring some exciting models here that include the Renault Kwid EV, Nissan Leaf EV.