Renault Discounts In September 2019 On Kwid, Duster, Captur – Details

2019 duster

Renault has been selling its vehicles with attractive discounts throughout this month and it goes up to Rs. 1.55 lakh

Renault India has been offering plenty of discounts across its domestic portfolio to lure in new customers during the festive period. The French manufacturer has endured a really tough time over the last nine months due to the drastic sales slowdown in the automotive industry. In a hope to revive its sales fortunes, the company recently launched the Triber with modular seating configuration.

Moreover, it was not long ago the facelifted Duster entered the fray to stretch the first generation model’s lifecycle. The brand has the Kwid as its best-selling model since it went on sale four years ago. However, the unfavourable market scenario has taken the toll on the budget hatchback which already suffered big time last year to maintain consistency.

In September 2019, the hatchback is sold with Rs. 20,000 cash discount and an additional Rs. 2,000 corporate bonus. The pre-facelifted Duster, on the other hand, is the most attractive deal provided by the brand this month as the automatic version gets Rs. 1.5 lakh cash discount and Rs. 5,000 corporate discount.

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Renault Models Discounts In September 2019
Kwid 20k cash + 20k Exchange + 2k corporate
Duster pre-facelift AT 1.5 Lakh + 5k corporate
Duster pre-facelift MT 50k cash + 50 k exchange + 5k corporate
Captur 1.5 Lakh + 5k corporate
Duster facelift 10k (dealer level) + 5k corporate
Triber No Discounts

The manual version comes with cash discount of Rs. 50,000 while the exchange bonus stands at another Rs. 50,000 along with Rs. 5,000 corporate discount. Renault vested plenty of anticipation on the Captur but it could not do well in the market.

Resultantly, the heavily localised model that failed to make a big difference compared to Duster is retailed with Rs. 1.5 lakh cash discount and Rs. 5,000 corporate bonus. The updated Renault Duster can be had with Rs. 10,000 cash discount only on the dealer level while the corporate discount is quoted at Rs. 5,000.

renault captur launched in india-14

Understandably, by being a new product, the Triber does not come under any offers yet. Renault could launch the Vitara Brezza and Venue rivalling HBC compact SUV to boost its sales volume in 2020.