Renault Dacia Sandero (Maruti Celerio Rival) Could Target Masses; Patented In India

Dacia Sandero Patented In India

Renault Dacia Sandero small hatchback could target entry-level customers in the mass segment with good fuel economy and decent features list

Renault offshoot Dacia has made headlines in UK, the biggest right-hand drive market in Europe, by selling the cheapest new car, the Sandero, small hatchback for a starting price of £ 5,995. It has now been patented in India and it could mean that the brand is considering an entry into the highly competitive budget space?

The Dacia Sandero goes up against Suzuki Celerio and Kia Picanto in some European markets. We can safely assume that Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Tata Tiago as potential competition then considering the way in which it has been positioned elsewhere.

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We do not know yet whether Renault is evaluating a potential entry of Dacia into India. But, when Nissan has a budget brand in the name of Datsun, why not Renault? In the next half a decade or so, we could be seeing several automakers stepping foot into India for the first time.

Hyundai is bringing in Kia, PSA could revive Peugeot and SAIC is all set to tussle with MG. Renault mat as well fancy its spotlight with Dacia, the automaker that already knows how to make budget cars work and is a sort of expert in doing so judging by the success of its Duster, Sandero and Logan.

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Dacia has added a new 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine to the Sandero’s lineup amidst refreshing the exterior a while ago. It replaced the 1.2-litre unit in the Laureate trim making 75 PS peak power – ideal for the affordable volume segment in India.

The Romanian company also offers height adjustment package as standard in the Ambiance trim and through which the driver seat, steering wheel and seat belt’s height can be regulated as per requirement. The Sandero has a no-frills exterior with the front fascia adhering with models in its brand’s range.

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It also has a pretty basic interior but with necessary features in the top-end variants. Renault could use the same engines being employed in the Kwid and Redi-Go with the Sandero and perhaps possible component sharing for low cost manufacturing. Whether it is too late for Dacia to enter India already? Only time will tell as the echoes of affordable EVs can be heard already!

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