Renault Captur Plug-in Hybrid SUV In The Pipeline For 2020


Renault has already started working on electrifying their entire range with the newly developed “E-TECH plug-in” powertrains

There is no doubt that all the auto manufacturers are now shifting their focus away from fossil fuels towards an alternative fuel source. They are working on all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars which will actually be the primary mode of transport in the near future.

Groupe Renault too is working continuously on this new and innovative technology, They are currently leaders in 100% electric vehicles in Europe and plan to offer electrified vehicles to as many people as possible. So in order to achieve the goal, Renault is planning to introduce the new Captur “E-TECH plug-in”, which will be their first plug-in hybrid in the B segment.

The best thing about the electrified future vehicles commonly known as hybrid vehicles is they use both internal combustion engine and an electric motor unit. The hybrid vehicle uses the combustion engine for braking energy recovery system which is then returned to the electric motor unit.

The internal combustion engine is thus used sometimes in the city which helps in increasing the efficiency of these vehicles. The plug-in-hybrid vehicles can also be connected easily to the electricity grid, in the household socket or a terminal.

renault captur launched in india-14

The powertrain which will be powering Renault’s Captur will be having a petrol engine alongside two electric motors and a clutchless gearbox. This automatic transmission allows the battery to recharge when the vehicle is on the move. Called the “E-Tech” system this new kind of powertrain will be powering the Captur soon making it the perfect car to drive in any condition.

According to Renault the new “E-TECH hybrid” system will use a 1.2 kWh battery pack which will provide fuel savings along with better acceleration than its competition. The Renault Hybrid cars are highly responsive compared to the all-electric vehicles providing an almost the same driving experience which you find in a normal combustion engine while also being efficient at the same time.

Renault officials also said that they will be introducing the Captur PHEV in 2020 which will be sold alongside their already existing electric vehicles lineup. The Captur is the outcome of the auto manufacturers 10 years experience in the field of electric mobility and will feature connected services to manage vehicle charging.