Renault and Nissan Attacked by WannaCry Ransomware


Nissan’s Sunderland factory has been hit by online hackers; Renault becomes first French company to be victim of the ransomware attack

Renault and Nissan become the victim of the latest global cyber attack by WannaCry ransomware. Nissan’s Sunderland factory in UK has been attacked by the ransomware which resulted temporary production halt, while Renault has become the first French company to be the victim of the cyber attack. After the attack has been reported, production at the Sunderland plant has been halted only to be resumed later.

The Sunderland plant is responsible for producing Nissan Qashqai and Infiniti Q30 and with the production affected, Renault-Nissan’s UK operation has been impacted. The French automaker has confirmed about the attack and it has also informed that the group has taken proactive measures in order to stop the spread of the virus and protect the group.


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A full diagnosis is in progress to implement the appropriate solutions re resume operations in the Sunderland plant. However, production at Renault’s another plant Douai in northern France remains stopped due to the attack. The company produces Talisman sedan and Espace crossover at this plant. Due to the cyber attack, Renault had to stop or reduce the output of at least five plants including Douai. Apart from taking countermeasure, the brand is also calculating its financial loss due to the cyber attack.

WannaCry ransomware’s attack was first detected on 12th May, Friday and soon it spread across 150 countries and affected more than 2 lakh computers. While mainly the state owned organizations have been attacked majorly, several private organisations have been affected as well. Major organisations like NHS in UK, Russian state-owned rail services have been impacted by the virus.

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In India too, Andhra Pradesh Police Department, several MNCs and West Bengal’s state power company have been attacked by the ransomware. Around 100 computers across the country have been affected by the latest cyber attack. Mainly Windows XP and older operating system powered computers are being targeted by the ransomware.

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