Renault Accused of Cheating Emission Tests for 25 Years

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Renault accused of cheating emission tests with an electronic cheat device as similar to Volkswagen for falsifying NOx output during pollution assessments

Renault has deliberately cheated emission tests on both petrol and diesel engines for more than 25 years according to an allegation from the French anti-fraud agency DGCCRF. The report obtained by AFP said the senior management at Renault knows about rigging emission tests and it led to an enquiry back in January.

In reply to the accusation, Renault’s Thierry Bollore told AFP that the French manufacture doesn’t involve in any kind of cheating and that all of its products comply with federal pollution standards. It has been reported many Renault vehicles were fitted with a device that altered emission results while testing in contrary to what they emit while running on road leading to a difference of up to 377 percent.

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Renault is alleged to have used a similar electronic cheat device as Volkswagen to falsify the NOx emission output by detecting test conditions. The subsequent probe focusses on complying with European regulations as Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel engines sanctioned in 2009 are firmly put under the radar.

The report, first divulged by Liberation daily newspaper on Wednesday, resulted in Renault closing Paris stock exchange 3.7 percent lower than usual. The fraudulent strategy instigating policies are believed to be in effect since 1990, from the arrival of first generation Clio, amidst the investigators looking into details in latest models.

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The alleged fraudulent practice recalls the “dieselgate” scandal involving Germany’s Volkswagen which admitted in late 2015 to installing so-called “defeat devices” into 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide, designed to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides while the engines were undergoing regulatory tests.

Renault’s issues are much deeper than VW’s as CEO Carlos Ghosn is claimed to be aware of what has been going on. The popular car company denied all the accusations and said the newspaper’s statement was unbalanced. It further stated that the compliance will be proved to the Judges in charge of the case and thus reserves its explanations from the public.