Rear Parking Sensor, Speed Warning to Become Mandatory for Cars in India


Rear parking sensor, speed warning to become mandatory as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will soon issue a notification

India is one of the countries, where road accidents cause a large number of deaths every year. To reduce the number Indian government is planning to introduce a set of new safety rules. The rear Parking sensor is about to be mandatory for every cars in the country, as it will minimize the probable damage or casualty during parking.

Also the cars in the country will get speed sensors, as over speeding on highways and in and around the cities cause major accidents every now and often. The rear view mirrors are not sufficient to detect small objects or children at the rear of the car, which leads to major mishaps during parking. The seatbelt warning sign is also becoming mandatory for the cars available in Indian market.

Alto k10 with airbag optional from base variant (1)

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Talking about the speed sensors, this system will warn the driver once the car reaches 80 kmph. The system will warn the driver with a single beep sound after crossing 80 kmph, while it will warn the driver continuously after crossing 90 kmph. The Indian government is also working on several safety measures, which will be compulsory for every cars in the market.

The speed sensors and the rear parking sensors will be compulsory from 1st October, 2018 onwards. The airbags don’t come as standard in the cars in India, instead they come as option in some of the budget cars. But the government of India will introduce new law, which will make the airbags mandatory from 1st October, 2018.

Alto800 with airbag optional from base variant (2)

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Not only the cars, but the two wheelers are also at the centre of many accidents due to lack of safety measures, over speeding etc. Government of India is about to introduce new law, which will make the ABS and combined braking system mandatory for all two wheelers in India from April, 2019 onwards.