Realme Stepping Into Electric 2W Segment? Name Trademarked

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Realme name has been trademarked under the ‘vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water’ category in India sparking rumours

In July 2018, Realme split from parent Oppo to be a separate entity as a smartphone maker and it has endured success over the years. It is currently one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world and sold more than one million units just in April 2021 in its home market of China, and has a plethora of models lined up for the future.

It has become the fastest smartphone company ever to export 100 million smartphones internally and the feat was achieved in a span of just 37 months. A couple of months ago, Realme sold its 100 millionth smartphone as well and alongside China, the brand has India as its key market. It is no secret that electronic heavyweights would venture into (or explore the possibilities of) other disciplines.

Companies like Sony and Apple are some of the prime examples. It looks like Realme might have something to say about it as the ‘Realme’ name has been trademarked under the ‘vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water’ in India. The trademark was filed by Realme Mobile Telecommunications (Shenzhen) Co Ltd back in late 2018.

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It is worth noting that Realme introduced its first smartphone, the Realme 1, in May of 2018 and within 40 days, its volumes got past the four lakh mark. The trademark application was filed just a few months later in October 2018. Filing a name trademark does not necessarily mean it will be used in the real world and sometimes it could be done so that others would not have the opportunity to exploit it.

The name could be used for an electric two-wheeler brand but we do not have any official confirmation on it yet. However, considering the meteoric rise in the number of electric two-wheeler startup brands in recent years in India, Realme may fancy such an opportunity. It will have to be waited and seen how its approach will be in electric mobility if it decides to head that way.

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