Range Rover Autobiography Modified Into A Stretched Bulletproof Limousine

Modified Range Rover Autobiography-1-2

Modified by Klassen, this Range Rover Autobiography has not only been stretched but have also been made infinitely safer by getting the bulletproof treatment for its bodyshell and even tires

The Range Rover Autobiography is among the most luxurious and stately SUVs to have ever been on sale. The range-topping model in its company’s lineup has impressed many by its plush cabin, powerful engine and sufficiently high off-road credentials. However, this hasn’t prevented some from further amplifying the car’s luxury quotient by upping its luxury quotient and giving it the stretch treatment. This isn’t all as the car has also been made a lot safer by receiving the bulletproof treatment.

The entire modification has been conducted by Klassen, a company that is known for its modifications of many luxury vehicles from Mercedes Benz and Maybach. Among the previous show-stoppers from the company include a V-Class that has been made as opulent as an S-Class and a Sprinter that has been turned into a XXL-size luxury chariot.

We’ve also seen many other customized cars from the Germany-based tuner, with some of them based on Lexus, Bentley and Rolls Royce models. This Range Rover Autobiography is the latest addition.

Modified Range Rover Autobiography-1

As can be seen in the images we have here, Klassen has stretched the Range Rover by a pretty huge margin, 1,016 millimeters (40 inches) to be exact. With this, the overall length has become 6,215mm (245 inches), while the wheelbase now stands at 4,136mm (163 inches). On the inside, the cabin has become large enough to accommodate four more seats that can be configured in pairs facing each other. One can even opt for just two extra seats with huge legroom and a digital screen.

However, the most important thing about this Range Rover Autobiography is not its stretched layout. Instead, it’s the fact that this vehicle offers level VR8 armor that can easily withstand up to 7.62mm caliber bullets from a distance of 10 meters. What makes this vehicle even more special is that this vehicle comes with bulletproof tires that promise mobility at speeds of up to 80 kmph for a distance of 80 kilometres. This tires have been made by Klasse.

Modified Ranger Rover Autobiography-8

The only bad thing about this Range Rover Autobiography is that it doesn’t come cheap. Not like the Autobiography was ever the most affordable vehicles around but the Klasse-modified version costs a whopping $811,000. But going by the safety and security this car provides, it’s worth every penny you pay for it.