Pulsar RS200 TVC Goes Live, So Does New Bajaj Avenger Website

Bajaj Avenger Website FLG

Pulsar RS200 gets sophisticated and softer than previous commercials, still has traits of the old one. Bajaj to bank heavily on Avenger this time

Digital world influence today’s youth like no other. Bajaj as a manufacturer understood this long time back and was one of the first few companies to get into social media and keep it running in the same pace till date. It all started in the year 2009 with just 5000 followers and now the page has 1.6 million likes. Bajaj is also known for making adrenaline filled TVC for the Pulsar brand. The famous 220 fastest Indian commercial to the critically acclaimed Pulsar 200 free-biking commercial are still one of the very best TVC for any sport bike that came to India, to the point and executed with notorious stunts.


Over the years the Pulsar has soften down and so does the TVC. The Pulsar RS200 commercial is finally out, as Bajaj believes in putting out TVC after it has launched a successful product. The TVC has a sophisticated edge and yet it has the punch of the old school Pulsar TVC’s, but in lower dose this time. The audience got mature, so did the bikes and obviously the TVC also had to go the same way. However, it is one striking TVC as always. The new tagline is Make Life Sport with the RS200. We will wait for Pulsar Mania 2 TVC!

Meanwhile, in other news from Bajaj. Company has updated the Avenger webpage for the upcoming cruiser motorcycle it plans to launch. As the rumours suggest there are going to be three Avengers launched on 27’th of October. Bajaj could be getting a dedicated website just like the Discover and Pulsar model for the first time.

Bajaj will continue to use the Feel Like God tagline, a very catchy and nostalgic line that kept the Avenger alive till date. Bajaj Street is a stripped out variant with matte finish and red decals for sporty riders and the chrome laden Avenger Cruise 220 will continue to be the same with changes to the engine and chassis.

Bajaj Avenger Website

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