Profit Earned From Sale Of 1 Ferrari Model Is Same As Ford Earn On 908 Cars

Ferrari 488 Pista-1

While the Maranello-based supercar maker had earlier said that it would never even come up with an SUV, the company is now planning to reveal Purosangue, its first SUV, next year

Ferrari might be more of a boutique manufacturer who sells merely a few thousand cars every year. However, there’s no denying the huge profits that the Italian carmaker makes every year. As per a new report that was published recently, Ferrari SpA earned much higher in profits on every car sold than what every other manufacturer in the world did.

As per the said report, which was released by Fiat Group World and is based on car sale data released by manufacturers, Ferrari has earned a profit of USD 94,000 for every car it has sold in 2019. This way, the supercar manufacturer has earned much more profit on every car it has sold as compared to other popular carmakers.

Just to give you a perspective, the profit earned by Ferrari on every car it sold last year is same as what BMW has earned on selling 30 cars. The same profit has been earned by Toyota on selling 44 cars and by Volvo and Volkswagen by selling 45 and 56 cars, respectively. Similarly, the PSA group had to sell 65 cars to earn USD 94,000 in profits, while Mercedes Benz had to sell 67 cars.

Ferrari 488 Pista-1-2The stark difference gets further amplified if you compare the data of manufacturers like Ford and Nissan with that of Ferrari. While the Japanese manufacturer had to sell 926 cars to match the profit earned by Ferrari on selling one car, Ford had to sell 908 units to have the same earning.

Last year, Ferrari sold 10,131 units of its highly exotic supercars across the globe. What’s really interesting here is that the carmaker has earned a massive profit without having even a single SUV in its portfolio.

Ferrari Fotfino-1It is worth mentioning here that while the likes of Lamborghini and Porsche already have a flourishing SUV business, Ferrari boss Sergio Meachionne had earlier said in 2016 that the company has no plans to come up with an SUV. However, thimes are finally changing and the company looks ready to release its first-ever SUV in 2021. It will be called Purosangue.