Production BMW X2 Leaked in Patent Images

BMW X2 leaked patent images

BMW X2 leaked patent images showcase the exterior differences the road-going model will have compared to the concept

The spy shots of the nearly finished BMW X2 test prototypes have confirmed that the production model would not look as dramatic as the concept understandably. However, what can be conceived from these several patent images is they are in line with the shape and compactness of the spied test mules.

Sourced from the Japanese Patent Office, the leaked patent pictures are not as definitive as the road-going version BMW has been most anticipated to release in recent times. The X2 Concept gathered plenty of attention when it broke covers at the Paris Motor Show last year and it showcased clearly the target of the Munich-based manufacturer.

BMW X2 leaked patent images 1

The X2 is squarely aimed at emerging global markets with potential of the masses and will be positioned in the base end of the premium scale. It has been described as an SUV for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality. But, what the spectators and the whole world saw in Paris was just a headline-grabbing crossover.

The patent images did show the sleek angular headlamps but they do not seem to be as flashy as in the concept in design and could be made larger too. The front fascia is adorned by smaller grille assembly, bold front bumper, production-spec wing mirrors, C-pillar circle that had a M badge on the concept, smaller exhaust pipe, changed tail lamps and rear bumper.

BMW X2 leaked patent images 2

Overall, it is safe to say that the production X2 will be more of a sporty X1 than a dramatic new SUV. It will get power from turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and will have option of either manual or automatic transmission.

The X2 will be a good addition for the BMW’s SUV range in India and considering the popularity we can expect it to be a successful production. As the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show is just over two months away, we do not have to wait much longer to see the actual model.